What makes refugees so disturbing to Europeans

It has been a hot summer so far in Europe. Everywhere you go, people endlessly talk of air conditioning , heat, holidays and Grexit. It is indeed the season during which Europeans travel most, fulfilling the middle classes’ need for getaways. I often find myself sitting with friends at some fancy looking cafe in downtown Bucharest complaining about the city, as if we were infested with some kind of local boredom.

‘I wish I’d just leave for another country. Right now, right away. Leave every unattended issue in my life and fly away’ – it’s not unusual to hear these words should you pass by our table. And it’s not the fact that we don’t travel- we actually do: some for business, some for adventure and others just for the pleasure of it. It’s actually the lack of challenges or conflicts in the surrounding environment that allows such narcissistic features to take upon our lives. It’s characteristic of the new European lifestyle, established after WWII with the creation of the EU. I might call it middle class now, but its roots could be found in the ‘bourgeois’ lifestyle.

But do either of us young Europeans understand the enormous privileges of living on the Old Continent? We might at a frivolous level, but deep inside it is impossible to acknowledge that we are truly living in a bubble. Continue reading →

The need for Good. Reason why

I am a curious person. This feature has influenced a lot of aspects of my daily life, as well as past time activities. I am also a thorough observant. My greatest challenge in life is not to discuss details of what I encounter in my day to day life, as well as my experiences.

I often like to laugh about this ‘indiscreet’ characteristic of myself and tell strangers: ‘This is why I decided not to be a spy. I love sharing.’

This short introduction was necessary for you to understand why I took the initiative of establishing a new category on my website, one that would be called “#Faith in Humanity Restored”. It’s this urban phrase that I considered to be most appropriate in describing my intentions: I wish to write personal stories with moments that I felt to be a confirmation that Good prevails in this life. I also wish to encourage people to remember and note these kinds of experiences and submit them to my email address diana.m.rusu@gmail.com in order to be published.

One might find it odd to mix such stories with international affairs, geopolitics, war and revolutions. But this is me. I am a sum of contrasts and I tend to balance ‘serious, pragmatic, hard-to-take’ information with positive and apparently unimportant details of life.

And since a picture is worth 1000 words as they say, hopefully our testimonies will be accompanied by photographs.

Don’t be shy people, share your thought in 100 or 1000 words. Let us spread the message that goodwill exists and will forever balance the bad in our world.

Europe enters the defense stance

Europe finds itself these days in a breaking point that is setting up the necessary circumstances for a preview of a future radical redefinition of its social, economical and security policies. The emergency summit held in Brussels on the 23rd of April was the first step of the defense stance that the EU is entering.

After decades of being a promised land for migrants from Africa, the Middle East and central Asia, Europe started feeling more and more pressured by the complexity of the migration issue. How do you address this issue without being political incorrect in an European Union that wants to prove itself as a model of evolved civilization? Without contradicting your own tolerant European speech? Well, the EU leaders have spent the past few years wondering about it, but closing an eye, due to the complications that would start if such this problem would be raised. To put it frankly, no one wanted to take upon the responsibility of opening Pandora‚Äôs box and dealing with this real inside problem, even more so as the extremist right wing parties and movements in Europe became seriously involved in blaming immigration for anything wrong in their countries. Continue reading →