About me

Foreign affairs journalist, particularly interested in EU, NATO and global security issues. I am currently a political adviser.

My work motto is inspired by the words of the Israeli author, Amos Oz: ‘A conflict begins and ends in the hearts and minds of people, not on the battlefields’.

Core value: human rights.

Studies: licensed in Journalism and Communication; master degree in International Security Studies and European affairs.

My journalistic work included being a foreign affairs journalist for the most prestigious Romanian daily, Adevarul, as well as contributing to Qmagazine, Calea Europeana and Intelligent Life Romania.

Portfolio: hundreds of articles written for the online and print edition of Adevarul daily; dozens of interviews with political figures from Germany, Romania or the European institutions, as well as security experts; well documented analyses and op-ed articles; reports; political shows hosting.

Since February 2017, I am a delegate for the Global Affairs Roundtable in the 1989 Generation Initiative, involved in developing a policy for mitigating conflict in the neighbouring regions of the European Union.


About my blog

Information is power.

A blog that will offer you an complex perspective of unfolding international events, with emphasis on global politics and security. I strongly believe in observing the bigger picture to properly understand regional developments.



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